1. 1% Juice
    Wayne Graham

  2. Less Than Familiar
    The Green Apple Sea and Wayne Graham

  3. Digressions #1

  4. Ihr fangt alles an - eine K&F Compilation für unsere Livecrews

  5. Oxygen

  6. The Embers
    John Blek

  7. How to Cook Everything
    Hello Emerson

  8. Temporary Cures

  9. Songs Only A Mother Could Love
    Wayne Graham

  10. Kliffs EP

  11. Thistle & Thorn
    John Blek

  12. In a Wider Tone
    Heated Land

  13. Odds

  14. Joy!
    Wayne Graham

  15. Above the Floorboards
    Hello Emerson

  16. Directions
    The Green Apple Sea

  17. The Raucous Tide

  18. Das Licht dieser Welt
    Gisbert zu Knyphausen

  19. Equinox
    Black Oak

  20. Mexico
    Wayne Graham

  21. Torquoise Purple Pink
    Sons of Noel and Adrian

  22. Zeiten für Kerle

  23. Sunny Hill
    Dropout Patrol

  24. Workingman's Lurch
    The Gentle Lurch

  25. Hillside
    Lestat Vermon

  26. Tired EP
    Sea Of Love

  27. Heated Land
    Heated Land

  28. The Legendary Lightness
    The Legendary Lightness

  29. Vitreous
    O Emperor

  30. Das Gegenteil von dem was du denkst
    Ich, Alexander

  31. In Hearing Taste
    Thos Henley

  32. Take Out Your Teeth, Take Off Your Claws - A K&F Records Compilation

  33. Bärenmann

  34. Knots
    Sons of Noel and Adrian

  35. Clouds
    Lestat Vermon

  36. The Dropout Patrol
    THe Dropout Patrol

  37. Sieben Stunden und 40 Minuten
    Staring Girl

  38. A Heart Of A Pro

  39. Hither Thither
    O Emperor

  40. Ach
    Daantje & the Golden Handwerk

  41. Thos Henley (A Collection Of Early Recordings)
    Thos Henley

  42. Northern Sky, Southern Sky
    The Green Apple Sea

  43. Later, Phoenix...
    The Marble Man

  44. I Never Learned To Raise My Fist
    Rumen Welco

  45. TPIY
    The Poem Is You

  46. Gegenteil von Stadt

  47. Die, Technique, Die!

  48. The Promised South
    The Poem is You

  49. The Sound of Bronkow
    The Sound of Bronkow


K&F Records Dresden, Germany

Das Dresdner Label K&F Records kommt ursprünglich aus der Singer/Songwriter-Ecke, knarzt, rummst und klackert aber in letzter Zeit immer wieder von ganzem Herzen.

K&F Records is primarily in the Singer-/ Songwriter business. Still it also likes the full band swing. It has an office in Dresden, Germany, in which everyone is working the nightshift.
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